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BoKlok Study Tour

Sam Sykes of ECE Planning and Paul Fender and Martin Gray of ECE Architecture were invited to join modular housing developer, BoKlok, on a study tour of recently completed housing projects in and around the city of Malmö and visiting the H22 City Expo in Helsingborgs, Sweden.

The group were given a series of lectures and discussions as well as a guided tour around five newly completed housing developments to give a flavour of the BoKlok model of housing delivery. The team were particularly impressed with the importance of community and sustainability as key drivers for all BoKlok schemes. BoKlok is targeting Climate Neutrality throughout the whole supply chain before 2030, meaning energy positive homes with very low embodied carbon.

As part of a wider study tour of consultants from other organisations, it was a great experience in gaining an insight into how BoKlok schemes were progressing elsewhere around the UK.  

Working with BoKlok

With the popularity of modular buildings increasing in the UK, ECE are proud to share our achievements with a number of successful planning applications, on-site projects and completed modular developments.

Working with Skanska and BoKlok, ECE are delivering one of the UK’s first BoKlok residential schemes. Fulbeck Avenue in Worthing comprises 152 new apartments, including affordable homes, making home ownership readily accessible for a greater number of people. This project is currently on-site.

In addition, planning permission has been granted for our second BoKlok scheme, Fitzalan Road in Littlehampton. This development provides 32 new apartments and 80 houses. BoKlok strive to include the provision of open spaces for the whole community, with Fitzalan Road comprising a children’s play area, community hub, ecological attenuation pond and green landscape corridors providing access for residents, visitors, and wildlife to the existing Rosemead Park to the south of the site.

In April, ECE Planning submitted proposals for a third BoKlok scheme in East Sussex. The Broyle in Ringmer comprises 70 new dwellings including rented and affordable homes surrounded by a large ecological landscape setting including ecology zones, public open space, doorstep play space and a community hub.

Advantages to Using Modular Construction

All BoKlok homes are constructed off-site under controlled conditions whilst the site is prepared for installation. This produces better-quality builds as well as reducing construction time and deliveries, less waste and carbon emissions. All three BoKlok projects use low carbon impact materials such as timber from certified sustainable sources.