Love Walk, Southwark

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ECE Planning has secured Planning Permission on behalf of Rocco Homes for the demolition and redevelopment of an existing building to provide 5 contemporary dwellings, at 32 Love Walk in the London Borough of Southwark.

Working alongside Rocco Homes, Rodic Davidson Architects, Grace Rogers Gardens and Turley Heritage, arguments were advanced to support the demolition of a ‘key unlisted building’ within the heart of the Camberwell Grove Conservation Area and its replacement with 5 apartments across 2.5 storeys. The apartments are embedded within a landscaped setting, utilising green roofs and walls and significant replacement tree planting to deliver enhanced green space and biodiversity net gain whilst re-imagining the green setting of the existing property in a contemporary manner. The planning case focused on proving ‘less than substantial harm’ to the Conservation Area was outweighed by the planning benefits and successfully countering the assertion that the exiting building comprised a non-designated heritage asset.