Cor Ten House

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ECE Planning collaboration with Sandy Rendel Architects scoops two RIBA regional awards

We are excited to announce that Sandy Rendel Architects have received two RIBA regional awards for their extraordinary ‘Cor Ten House’ in Lewes.

ECE Planning secured permission at Appeal for the contemporary build which utilises a bespoke ‘Cor Ten Rainscreen’ cladding system and introduces a modern fresh design to the Conservation Area.

The Cor Ten House previously won an award last July at the Sussex Heritage Trust Awards 2016 for successfully delivering a contemporary family home on the banks of the River Ouse.

The 2017 RIBA regional awards jury felt that, ‘the house exhibited a beautiful execution of a pared-back palette of materials’. It had also been noted that ‘part of the success of this project has come from a very close collaboration between client, architect and the planners.’ Link to the RIBA article –